Zero One.

Multi-purpose Kirby CMS theme

  • Born to be extended
  • Made as a plugin
  • Well thought out options
  • Powerful Layout Builder
  • Easy-to-use Page Builder
  • Beautiful post types
  • Full-fledged eCommerce
  • Well documented

Create With Zero One.

Set of features that you will love.

Theme panel has English as default, but is also translated to German language.

Theme styling.

Zero One theme has an in-built Theme styler. And it is not just a simple styler, it is actually a stylesheet compiler, which means, it compiles all Less/CSS into one minified CSS file. Which adds greatly to website speed.

The front-end is based on LESS/CSS. For further customization and control, just install Node and Yarn on your system, change desired variables, compile, and you have brand new CSS stylesheets that follow your design preferences.

Site options:

  • Site brand options
  • Navigation options
  • Header options
  • Social links options
  • Footer and copyright options
  • SEO global options
  • Translatable site labels
  • Transition options
  • Cookie options

Page options:

  • Hide header
  • Header background image
  • Header transparency
  • Alternative title
  • SEO and sitemap options
  • Submenu options

Blog and article options:

  • Optional article and blog sidebar
  • Various article archives options
  • Article authors
  • Feature an article
  • Related articles
  • Comments options
  • And more

Projects options:

  • Projects display styles
  • Projects filterable tags
  • Integrated Page Builder

Shop options:

  • Simple catalogue
  • Snipcart full feature eCommerce shop
    • Many payment gateways + custom payment gateway integration if needed
    • Advanced tax support
    • Advanced shipping support with most popular providers automation support
    • Advanced invoicing support
    • Advanced regional and currency settings
    • Multilanguage and multicurrency support
    • Advanced emails support abandoned carts recovery campaigns
    • Digital products support
    • Subscriptions support, although for now in beta, and only available for Stripe payment gateway
  • Many product options

Page Builders:

Create pages in any way you like, there are endless possibilities. A simple drag-and-drop interface means you’ll never need to touch a line of code. You can rely on Page Builders to do what they do best - all the difficult work, generating lightweight, SEO-friendly code.

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  • Integrated site search
  • Contact page
  • Error page
  • Full SEO support
    • robots.txt
    • sitemap.yml
    • All meta tags
    • Auto-convert images to WebP
  • Fancy page transitions

Multilingual ready.

With large effort every Zero One theme aspect is multilingual ready. There is even a hidden language change modal option.

Right-to-left (RTL) support.

Zero One supports RTL (right-to-left) languages.

Explore the rest of Zero One features.

We have split features into categories, but believe us, you’ll want to check them all.

Developer features.

Zero One is created to be customized, extended and scaled. With no restrains whatsoever. It is also a gold mine for Kirby beginners because it offers solutions for various common problems.

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Content editor features.

Custom-made panels and options for every content type. Kirby Blocks Editor, Kirbytext, and Page Builder in just the right places to extend flexibility to maximum.

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SEO/SEM master features.

There’s no need for a plugin to manage and update your site’s SEO settings. From page titles to meta descriptions, URLs to Open Graph settings — optimize every page of your site.

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Need to kickstart your next web project?

Make Zero One yours.

The ultimate Kirby CMS toolkit awaits.